Friday, March 31, 2017

The growing up process

I never realised that 35 years old is the most significant year for me where i experience what is growing up.
I never knew i am so weak in relationships and at work.
But i am blessed that in this significant year, i had some of the best friendships....
I get to see what kind of friends i had, i met a girl who taught me everything about relationships, i harvested the returns of my decisions...both in investment and in job.

I owned my own property...i started thinking about future....
Sometimes life is ironic...u never know how the ending will be.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello everyone

I think its time to revive my blog and re document important things in life. I had been in a reflection state for the longest and somehow all these experiences that i gained thru these unfortunate events seems to make me stronger and understand myself better. Its time to move on and look forward to a better future! Never in my life have I experience so much twist and turn in life and i can definitely say 2015 is one of the best year....Best year that i started a relationship in a wrong way, joining a wrong company, lost a group of friends... But hey, you lose some, you gain some, i learn the right way in entering a relationship, i learn to be stronger and not just to survive in this horrendous office but also to excel and make the best out of my stay. I learn to treasure people around me as well as discovering the real friends in life. With 2016, i shall put all these learning into good use and turn them into my strength! Im stronger and wiser this year and definitely things will turn out better than before!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Beginnings

Lao Tzu mentioned before that New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings... The painful endings is finally coming to an end with 2015 ending soon. Lets hope in the new 2016, everything will turn out well. 2015 is a year of challenge. There was temptation and each challenge came a hope but only that it was in the form of a rent that you need to pay three times more of what it offer. Is this something from devil? Nonetheless, 2015 is ending and as much as i hate it, i learn how to better handle situations and it did shape me into a better person. Wonder what will 2016 be like...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Younger sis is married

My younger sis tie the wedding knot yesterday! I am actually glad that she found a reliable guy with doting parent-in-law. I wish that her marriage will be a lasting and blissful one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Friends? Think twice..

They say that you have to learned thru experiences...
When i was in my Poly Year 2, i first experienced the hard truth about friends. People whom you care alot about, people who you think you can trust are often the people that does you the most harm.
You thought that being genuine, sincere, helpful and sometimes defending them means that they will reciprocate.
However you forgot that every individuals are different and its human's nature that people act in their own interest.

When Dad passed away, I learned the hard truth about friends. I lost some, i gained more.

In this episode, the same thing happened but this round, i thought these people was more kind in nature and more mature, but end up the same thing happened.
But also through this incident, i gained alot more. I shall remember this and not let it happen again.

Sadly this relationship that i had, ended in quite an unpleasant manner.

But i learnt! It will never happen again. What dont kill me only makes me stronger!